Sleep workshop

This sleep workshop will help with babies, younger and older children.
Emma from Courage & Chamomile, helps to bridge the gap between parents’ expectations and the, often very different, reality of welcoming a little person into the world.  She believes in natural, responsive parenting (day and night) and coaches parents to find their own way through the struggles and the challenges that brings.
This workshop will focus on what real, healthy, biologically natural sleep looks like. You will be encouraged to uncover your real goals around sleep (often we’ll say we want our baby to sleep through the night but a bit of digging uncovers the real goal as ‘to have more time as a couple, to rekindle my old passions’ for example) and then supported  to find ways to fulfil those. Emma will also share five key areas where small, natural changes can be made to help provide our little ones with the best conditions for sleep, looking at diet, daily activities, sensory, physical environment and emotional cues and triggers.
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