Setting Loving Limits – with Hand in Hand Parenting

On SUNDAY at Tribal Hearts (for our campers!)

Do you ever feel unclear around setting limits? When they are needed? And how to set warm, effective limits without squashing your child? The Hand in Hand Parenting approach to limit setting is one that will actually leave your children feeling MORE connected with you. Learn how to set limits that  stop unworkable behaviour, enforce required co-operation or expectations and at the same time mean you NEVER have to coerce, bribe, threaten, shame, punish or reward to gain your child’s compliance.

Active since 2003 as a birthworker, mother of two, ritualkeeper, facilitator and Hand in Hand Parenting consultant: Roma is lit up by listening, connection, intimacy and community. As well as running courses and workshops online and in the UK, Roma holds retreats on parenting, birth, listening, intimacy and creativity. She is a consultant for the acclaimed Arrigo Programme. Roma writes for publications like JUNO Magazine, Practicing Midwife and Huffington Post and consults internationally with individuals on parenting issues, birth preparation or resolution, and the impact of early trauma on relationship.

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