For Parents – Embodying the love we give with fierce self-compassion

This talk offers a small taste of the online Transforming Your Connection course, (, a journey that will support you in connecting more deeply with yourself and your child.

It is not possible to be compassionate to others if we lack self-compassion.
It is not possible to communicate with empathy with a harsh inner dialogue. 

Simply put, the compassion we want to offer our children has to be embodied.

Come and learn sustainable regular practices that will bring awareness to our body, nervous system and feelings, to feel into what is alive for you in this moment.  Whilst this sounds simple, if what is alive for us is uncomfortable, we usually go to great lengths to avoid it.
Feelings, such as anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, loneliness are not comfortable to feel.  Add self-criticism and it can feel excruciating, add the vulnerability of past trauma and it can feel overwhelming.  So we walk mindfully, gently, with an open heart and fierce self-compassion.  Until we find the courage to do this, we will be always running and hiding, disconnected from our whole self.  
Only by listening to the wise messages in our bodies can we start to heal old wounds and identify our unmet needs.  Our ability to listen open-heartedly to ourselves and not push away with busyness, vices or distractions supports us to be more present with ourselves, creating more resilience.  It also deepens our connection with our children, because the practice of being, with that which is uncomfortable, creates the freedom to respond open-heartedly to our children instead of pushing away and disconnecting when we are triggered.
Bring your questions, there will be time for Q&A.
This is a safe, welcoming space, a non-judgmental space, all emotions are welcome.  Children are welcome to come and play around us and all dialogue is mindful of young listening ears.  You may, however, find it easier to concentrate and absorb the information if you come alone.  You may find a notebook useful.
Karen is a mother who runs online courses and consultations supporting parents in bringing more connection to their relationships with themselves and their children. 
She has a holistic approach based on radical mental, emotional and physical self-care for parents and emotional intelligence, growth mindset, resilience & mindfulness for children. She is DBS cleared with professional training in NVC (non-violent communication), Hand in Hand Parenting (Connection based parenting).
Karen balances her time between growing her home-schooled son’s love of learning, growing food at her allotment, growing her business and growing herself. 
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