Positive Communication


  • We will look at the difference in behavioural (rewards/punishments to control behaviour) vs relational communication inspired by NVC (Non-violent communication).
  • We will look at the foundations of social & emotional intelligence for our children starting with emotional literacy and acknowledging your child’s needs and feelings.  EQ (emotional intelligence) is, after all, a higher predictor of happiness than IQ.
  • We look at responding to “no”, conflicts and challenges.
  • Bring your questions, there will be time for Q&A.
  • This is a safe, welcoming space, non-judgemental space, all emotions are welcome.  Children are welcome to come and play around us and all dialogue is mindful of young listening ears.  You may, however, find it easier to concentrate and absorb the information if you come alone.  You may find a notebook useful.

Karen balances her time between growing her home-schooled son’s love of learning, growing food at her allotment, growing her business and growing herself.  The business is called Mother Nature Mother Nurture (also for fathers) and offers courses and consultations to support parents.  These talks offer segments of the online Transforming Your Connection course that starts in September 2019, a 6 month journey that will support you in connecting deeply with both yourself and your child. “Above all, I am a parent.  I am DBS cleared.  I have trained with Hand in Hand Parenting, attended regular parenting conferences had an extensive reading list and I am currently on an advanced (Non-violent communication) NVC course,  I have my own mindfulness practices and bring this into my work.   I have been running workshops and coaching for 5 years.”


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