Playful Limits

The Art of Setting Playful Limits.

Join Hand in Hand Parenting Educator Christina Santana of Whole Village Parenting to explore the art of setting limits playfully. 

Setting limits can be HARD for so many of us, for so many reasons. I am here to liberate you with the message that setting limits CAN be fun. 

Not only is setting limits through play effective, but it also works to lift the spirits of the whole family too! 

Suitable for parents of children aged 0-11. Babes in arms welcome.

Christina is a qualified Social Worker, Parental Nurturer, Child Activist and Certified Hand in Hand parenting instructor. “I believe that anybody (despite their own childhood experiences), can be the parent they truly want to be, and lead a happy and fulfilling family life. I discovered Hand in Hand back in 2016 whilst I was hopelessly scrolling the internet at 3 am feeling overwhelmed, isolated and doubting my parenting abilities. I was desperately seeking the answer as to whether my daughter’s big explosive meltdowns were ‘normal’? “And how I could support her through them. I stumbled across an article of Hand in Hand parenting, finally an approach that aligned with what I knew of attachment and trauma and most importantly my own values and intuition. I can remember instantly feeling a huge wave of relief and reassurance. Hand in Hand Parenting is not only a parenting approach, it is the much-needed community, in the absence of our village. I will forever be grateful for the deep level of connection that I have with my children and the confidence that I have in my own parenting, and I have Hand in Hand to attribute for that.”

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