Play Workshop

Connection through play.

Come along with your children to learn therapeutic games that foster connection and strong attachment.

Workshop Description:

  • This workshop is limited to 15 children between 3 and 8 years of age with one or two parents per child. It consists of fun filled activities designed to enhance the parent/child bond including singing, non competitive games, and special activities that dissolve tensions through laughter. Parents will also spend 20 minutes of individual, quality time with their children in child directed play with materials commonly used by play therapists. This activity will be followed by a short discussion period.
  • This isn’t just any old play this type of play can heal, help change your child’s mood, heal stresses & traumas and make life a lot easier for you:) It also help children feel valued, loved and connected!
  • Come and play!🙂

(Please note there needs to be one parent per child)

‘Thanks so much Rebecca, the day was really inspiring and helpful. I loved the play workshop! Thanks for making it welcoming for our baby as well, we really appreciated it!.’ Heather, London

“By learning from Rebecca how to be more playful, she has given me the magic key to my giggly daughters heart. I feel so much more connected to her and I am grateful to be allowed to finally have fun myself!’ Lizanne, London

‘I would absolutely recommend the course, it should be on the school curriculum. I think if all ‘parents were aware’ we would have a much better world. Thank you so much for helping me bring up my children better.’ Sara, SE London

About the workshop leader

Rebecca Sheikh is a Level 2 aware Parenting teacher and her passion lies in helping parents find ways to discipline without the use of punishments or rewards. She taught as primary school teacher for 17 years before having her first child. She is now the mother of two children (ages 5 and 2). She completed an MA in Counselling in Education at The Tavistock Institute in London and has done a Foundation Course in Nonviolent Communication. She also has an Oncology Certified Nurse qualification in Gentle Sleep Methods. She teaches children’s yoga and leads staff meetings in schools to help teachers look at alternatives to punishments and rewards. Rebecca leads Attachment Play workshops regularly and offers consultations to support parents with the Aware Parenting approach.

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