Outdoor Life Coach

Helen of HRH Life Coaching will be leading this wonderful new workshop!

“I help parents conquer overwhelm and create calm through connecting with the outdoors so they can make space to design a life they love. I run 1-2-1 sessions through The Revival Recipe, which will Re-energise and Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. I also run group sessions with The G.O (get outdoors) programme which is achieving a goal of getting outdoors more. We all know that being outside has huge benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing so why is it that days can go by and we haven’t spent more than 1 hour outdoors? If you added up your time outdoors in 1 week would it be more than 10? If not, why not? We are living in a busy world but it is time to take a moment for you, your family and enjoy what is all around us. Allow nature to heal, inspire, re-energise and Rejuvenate.” – HRH Outdoor Life Coach

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