Music Workshops

New for 2021, Badgerswood Music will be bringing workshops for all different aged children.

Under 5’s – this fun session will involve some turn taking games with improvised music, movement songs and dancing to different types of music.

5-9 years – children will be taught some rhythms and singing games with call and response and movements, that offer the basics of pulse/rhythm and pitch learning. They will also have a chance to sing and express different emotions through the voice. And the group will build a story together complete with soundtrack, adding musical interludes to illustrate different moods and events within the narrative.

10+ years – for the older children at Tribal Hearts, this is their chance to be inspired by real musicians, tap into their own creativity and have a go at improvised song writing. Starting with learning some songs from around the world, call and response, and building up to writing lyrics and getting a finished song that could then be performed.

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