Karen Pike

Karen is a mother who runs online courses and consultations supporting parents in bringing more connection to their relationships with themselves and their children.   


She has a holistic approach based on radical mental, emotional and physical self-care for parents and emotional intelligence, growth mindset, resilience & mindfulness for children. 
She is DBS cleared with professional training in NVC (non-violent communication), Hand in Hand Parenting (Connection based parenting).

Karen balances her time between growing her home-schooled son’s love of learning, growing food at her allotment, growing her business and growing herself.

“I am feeling a lot more connected to my daughter. I am enjoying her more and feel we are much closer. I feel she is happier and we as a family are happier too. I’m finding I’m less reactive and more able to be reflective and calm, with space before I respond. The course is absolutely packed with information and I feel much more hopeful and confident about my parenting journey, for this, I am very grateful to Karen. I was so deeply touched by Karen’s heartfelt empathy and presence throughout what is an amazing course.”
N.B, Daughter, Age 5.
“Taking on the Mother Nature Mother Nurture course has been supremely inspiring, educational, heart-opening and motivational. It has allowed me the space to reflect, make time for myself & find avenues to safely offload my feelings, and enjoy my time with my children with fresh eyes and a sparkling gaze. I am in love with parenting once again, and thank you Karen for your wisdom and for creating this opportunity.”
Lucy O, Son, Age 5, Daughter Age 2.
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