Nurturing Emotional Intelligence in Children
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a higher predictor of happiness than IQ, yet as a culture, we focus our resources far more on our children’s IQ.  So how do we nurture EQ?
This is a huge topic but we will touch on
– Developing emotional literacy is a good first step towards emotional self-regulation.  
– Actively listening and acknowledging our child’s needs and feelings.  (These may look like whining, crying, tantrums and we may need to bring some kindness and awareness to our habitual responses that often suppress these needs and feelings).  
– Supporting our children to develop more self-awareness and to self-regulate using mindfulness practices.
– Nurturing a growth mindset, empathy & resilience.
– Reflective dialogues to support our children to tune into and clearly express their needs and resolve conflicts.
The biggest influence however is how we model our own EQ (please see my workshop on self-compassion). 
Bring your questions, there will be time for Q&A.
This is a safe, welcoming space, a non-judgmental space, all emotions are welcome.  Children are welcome to come and play around us and all dialogue is mindful of young listening ears.  You may, however, find it easier to concentrate and absorb the information if you come alone.  You may find a notebook useful.
Karen is a mother who runs online courses and consultations supporting parents in bringing more connection to their relationships with themselves and their children. 
She has a holistic approach based on radical mental, emotional and physical self-care for parents and emotional intelligence, growth mindset, resilience & mindfulness for children. She is DBS cleared with professional training in NVC (non-violent communication), Hand in Hand Parenting (Connection based parenting).
Karen balances her time between growing her home-schooled son’s love of learning, growing food at her allotment, growing her business and growing herself. 
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