Deepening the Relationship With Your Teen

The relationship you had with you child can feel very distant when you begin to live with a Teenager. 

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have a Tween or Teen (10yr+)
  • You want to understand how to grow and deepen the relationship with your Teen
  • You are finding it increasingly more difficult to set boundaries 
  • You feel more uncomfortable

This workshop will cover:

  • Why parenting Teens can be uncomfortable
  • What Discipline looks like with your Teen
  • How to grow safety in your relationship
  • Practical tools for opening up conversation and deepening your relationship with your Teen
  • Reflective exercises for you to work through, think about and explore during the workshop and in your own time
  • A Live Q&A at the end

Dr Martha Deiros Collado (DrMDC) is a Clinical Psychologist with over 16 years of clinical and research experience working with children, young people and their families. Dr Martha’s mission is to support and empower families to develop their own toolkit to overcome challenges and her work focuses on deconstructing the ideas of ‘perfect parenting’ and inviting in more connection, curiosity, and understanding in relationships. She offers science based ideas in a creative, practical style that allows you to adapt them to your unique family life. 

You can join Martha’s community on Instagram @Dr.MDC_psychologist or find out more about her work on her website

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