Dance Release

Emma Deery is a Holistic Motherhood Wellbeing Mentor, Yoga Teacher (specialising in Emotional
Freedom Yoga and Pre and Postnatal Yoga), Mama Dance Teacher, and a Mother.

She helps Mothers heal, grow, and re-birth themselves in the swamps of early motherhood so that
they can be the Mother and woman they long to be.

‘Motherhood is a monumental transformation. I believe it cracks you open and presents an
opportunity to relearn yourself; to let go of old conditioning and past hurts, and become a fullyempowered, whole woman. But this process is painful, and it takes an array of tools to support and enable this growth.’

This Dance Release workshop showcases one of the holistic practices Emma uses to support Mothers in their journey through matresence.

‘For years I danced competitively – always trying to win 1st place.
Then I danced professionally – always wanting to entertain.
Then, at 40 – 2 years into motherhood, I started dancing from my heart.
I started dancing to release.
I started dancing for freedom.
I started dancing to stir up my inner fire.
I started dancing to defeat chronic sleep-deprivation.
I started dancing to heal Birth Trauma.
I started dancing to alleviate Postnatal Anxiety.
I started dancing to beat Postnatal Depression.
I started dancing to work through past traumas that had resurfaced since becoming a mother.
I started moving my body in a way that wasn’t any particular known ‘style’.
I started letting my soul speak and cry through my body.
And so this became my medicine – healing my wounds through movement and dancing from my
soul’s voice.’

In this workshop I will help you connect with your body and listen to its message. I will guide you
through a freeing and liberating dance release that will allow you to let go of negative feelings and
emotions and come back home to yourself – lighter, freer and more connected. It finishes with a
deep relaxation.

No dance experience required.
Just come as you are.
Dads welcome too.
Bring a pen and paper if you have them.

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