Dagger Wood Campsite, Bristol

This one’s a little different, with it being a lot closer to wild camping than any of the other sites we have featured. If you like luxury this isn’t for you, but if you love a bit of back to nature and your own secluded pitch, keep reading.

We booked this site mainly because they offer foraging workshops, among other activities such as clay pigeon shooting. Foraging is a great way to get children outside with interest, teach them about wild food and nutrition and find some healing foods for the whole family. If you struggle to get your kids to leave the house for a walk it could be the perfect excuse you need to get them running out of the door, basket in hand! We are so interested in it that we are adding foraging workshops to the Tribal Hearts programme for 2021!

Anyway, we arrived on site and pitched up before our workshop started. This site is natural and wild, with slopes and rough terrain, therefore you can only drive on in a 4 x 4. Parking isn’t too far from pitches though, but pack a festival trolley if you have one for ease. If you can’t manage, the owners will happily give you a hand, just let them know your arrival time in advance. Each pitch is in it’s own little clearing and feels like you’re the only ones there. The site is surrounded by woodland, and they have also planted lots of trees a few years back, encouraging even more wildlife. The site donates 10% of it’s profits to the Woodland Trust. So, whilst it may not specifically be an eco site, the owners are certainly passionate about nature and wildlife, and with cold outdoor showers and basic facilities it is hardly taking much from the environment to run it! Yes, that’s right the showers are outdoors, and cold. Call me a weirdo, but this was exciting to me as someone who practises the Wim Hof method (if you haven’t heard of it, google it and give it a go!) but probably would have been less so had we been staying several nights with children. But we really aim to share a variety of places with you, and this site has something to offer to the more seasoned camper. The site is dog friendly, encourages campfires and it’s just a 10 minute walk from the local pub.

The foraging workshop was really great. Henry knows his stuff, including nutritional information and history of plants, making it quite fascinating. We learnt several easy to identify plants and some mushrooms too, and have already started using the knowledge back home. There are some very common plants you can find almost anywhere which are really good for us, it’s a wonder they aren’t more commonly used and a shame we have lost touch with real food like this. A good way to use these plants is to dry them out and make powders, which can then be added to smoothies, or tea leaves for use anytime. Personally, I would love to learn more about mushrooms and Henry is hosting a small Fungi Festival late October. It is so reasonably priced and if you decide to go you may well just see me there! I believe Henry has plans to create a bigger Fungi Festival next year, when restrictions are hopefully a thing of the past!

As well as foraging, Henry also creates some wild supplements for sale and teaches a bootcamp fitness session on site. So if you are into healthy living you might want to try those out too! Henry has plans to expand the experiences offered in future, with potential package deals.

The location of the campsite is perfect for exploring Bristol and Bath. We stumbled across a beautiful veggie cafe in Bath before we left called Rooted, with vegan options too. Absolutely delicious food and nice atmosphere. Close to charity shops if you like a root around in those too! Of course, both Bristol and Bath both have plenty of fantastic eateries, vegan or otherwise, and places of interest. Both great cities to explore if you haven’t already done so. The campsite is also close to the Mendip Hills, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with well known gems such as Cheddar Gorge and Glastonbury Tor, plus plenty of walks, picnic spots and pretty villages to visit. Children will love the Wookey Hole caves, less than 30 minutes from the campsite.

Overall we loved the location, privacy and laid back feel at this campsite. If you are more of a glamper you might not want to write it off completely as I believe Henry has plans to install some shepherds huts in the future!

For more information and to book go to www.daggerwoodcampsite.co.uk