Chilled Mama

Our wonderful pregnancy & birth tent will be once again run by Cathy of Chilled Mama, with support from Lindsay Dalton. Both are fantastic doulas and experts in all things pregnancy & baby related. There will be an empowered birth workshop for those who are expecting and want to feel confident in their choices and trust their bodies, in order to have the best experience possible. There will also be drop in support for anyone having a baby or new parents who need any post-natal advice. Finally, there will be a birth stories circle. Read more about this on the pregnancy & birth page.

“Welcome to Chilled Mama. A safe space, full of friendly, independent women and men exploring pregnancy, birth and parenting together, with the aim of feeling calm, confident and in control, supported by me, Chilled Mama Cathy. Wherever you are in your journey you will find something here: pregnancy stuff, planning a home birth, planning a caesarean, wanting a birth outside of the ‘guidelines’, breastfeeding, mixed feeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping, slings, conscious/responsive parenting, infant brain development, starting solids, sleep, keeping sane, being realistic. I have five children and been supporting families for almost two decades. I like to help people find their own path and connect them to others doing similar. You are not alone. Welcome to the Chilled Mama family.”

Lindsay Dalton is a mother of 3 children living in Northamptonshire. She has been a doula for over 9 years and supported hundreds of women in their pregnancies, she is also an experienced  breastfeeding counsellor, and a feminine embodiment coach helping mums who tends to spend lots of time ‘in their heads’ to be more present with in their bodies and with their emotions.

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