‘Children grow through playing, and at Capikooa, we take great joy in developing children’s curious minds and active bodies. We pride ourselves in making meaningful toys that excite their imagination and encourage physical movements.

Set their imagination free with wooden toys designed to support hours of open-ended, active play and nurture child development. We believe curious minds and growing bodies deserve the best.

We know what it’s like to want the best for your little ones. To not only want them to be healthy, happy, and thriving as they grow, but to want them to have the best future on this planet too!

We also know what it’s like to be conscious shoppers who don’t want your house to be overrun with unnecessary plastic tat they’ll be bored with in a day… And how hard it can feel to find toys both your children will fall in love with and that you’ll be proud to have around your home. Capikooa was born to change that!

All our products are designed to support your child’s development, look beautiful and ensure they don’t cost the earth. Each made to provide endless hours of imagination and last down the generations.’

Maria and Warren, Capikooa

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