Birth Outside The Box

Lindsay Dalton and Cathy Williams come together to have an open conversation with you about birthing outside of the ‘guidelines’. This session will be informal and include plenty of opportunity for questions and answers for people who want to explore their options. 

Chilled Mama Cathy Williams is a doula, antenatal teacher, and more, who aims to help parents and expectant parents to feel calm, confident, and in control.   Her nurturing and holistic approach weaves passed down knowledge with modern research; relaxation and mindfulness with interaction and laughter. She shares her knowledge, skills, and experience to help you find your own path through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.  Cathy runs relaxation retreats for pregnant women/couples, a postnatal retreat day for mums, and a women’s only weekend retreat. She also practices forest bathing (meditation walks) and writes for The Green Parent Magazine. In her spare time she hangs out with her five children and ignores the washing. Find out more

 Lindsay of Gentle Mama is a qualified Birth Doula, HypnoBirthing Practitioner & Breastfeeding Counsellor. She is also the mother of 2 daughters that are her greatest teachers! Lindsay currently serves families within a 1 hour radius of her home in Northamptonshire although also offers breastfeeding support and pregnancy/birth related skype consultations. We are delighted to welcome her back to Tribal Hearts with all of her wisdom. Lindsay will also be available for advice on preparing for a calm and empowered birth experience and to offer drop in breastfeeding support to those who need it.

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