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Nurturing Emotional Intelligence in Children   Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a higher predictor of happiness than IQ, yet as a culture, we focus our resources far more on our children's IQ.  So how do we nurture EQ?   This is a huge topic but we will touch on - Developing emotional literacy is a good first step [...]

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For Parents - Embodying the love we give with fierce self-compassion This talk offers a small taste of the online Transforming Your Connection course, (https://mothernaturemothernurture.com/courses/), a journey that will support you in connecting more deeply with yourself and your child. It is not possible to be compassionate to others if we lack self-compassion. It is not [...]

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As women in today's world we are BOUND. Bound by generational wounds, bound by stories we have taken on to be true about ourselves, bound by societal expectations, bound by family's expectations, bound by untruths that stop us from knowing our inherent worth. The Earth is desperate for us to come home to ourselves, to [...]

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Reclaim the power of your cyclical wisdom

Reclaim the power of your cyclical wisdom  In this workshop with Feminine Embodiment Coach and Doula, Lindsay Dalton, you will be introduced to Menstrual Cycle Awareness as an awakened practice to be reclaimed in our 21st century lives. Learn how the inner seasons of your menstrual cycle each give you a unique gift and new [...]

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Damian Etherington

Bristol based Damian is a prolific singer/song writer and has played gigs and festivals across the UK/USA.  His upbeat and powerful songs span many genres and he can often be found playing around Bristol.  His alt rock band Arketta, is a staple of the Bristol scene and their latest single Revolution was release in June [...]

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'Children grow through playing, and at Capikooa, we take great joy in developing children’s curious minds and active bodies. We pride ourselves in making meaningful toys that excite their imagination and encourage physical movements. Set their imagination free with wooden toys designed to support hours of open-ended, active play and nurture child development. We believe [...]

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Rockit Kids

Rockit Kids was launched by Holly Hamer in September 2019. We sell fabulously fun, ethically-produced kids clothes and accessories from our online shop and mobile boutique. Our style is a slice of Brighton with a sprinkle of Stockholm. Designed with a focus on inclusivity and affordability, our range offers great value girls, boys and unisex [...]

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Mama Bhumi

Mama bhumi brings a collection of gorgeous products for both mum and child inspired by the journey of motherhood and with Mother Earth at our heart. Designed in Brighton and sourced from around the globe, we work closely with small businesses and support traditional handcrafts. Always using natural and up cycled materials to bring our [...]

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Our Planet

Come and watch the documentary everyone has been talking about. "During his lifetime, Sir David Attenborough has seen first-hand the monumental scale of environmental change caused by human actions. Now for the first time, he reflects on the devastating changes he’s witnessed and reveals how together we can address the biggest challenges facing life on [...]

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A more peaceful form of entertainment, provided by the natural, captivating beauty of dancing flames in the communal campfire! Was this the original TV?! Bring your own marshmallows to toast, warm socks and a thermos and your guitar if you fancy a round of Kumbaya! We will have a little singing circle on Sunday evening around the [...]

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