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Sense of Self – for parents / adults

Master Accredited Coach, Lucienne Shakir will deliver a seminar on developing the sense of self and give useful, strategic information for learning around the psychology of our idea of who we are. Tackling stress, anxiety and lack of confidence, by gaining a greater awareness into methodology to understand 'oneself'. Lucienne works mainly with women in [...]

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Knowing ourselves – For parents and children

The Education Coaching Foundation: A workshop introducing coaching to parents and their children. Discover creative and exploratory ways of discussing identity, thoughts and feelings to establish better mental health. A chance to learn all about holistic education and how to avoid stress at a young age from target driven education.

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Why do kids push our buttons?

(or How to stop losing it with your kids) Ever found yourself saying the EXACT thing you SWORE you'd never say to your kids? You know you don't want to incite shame, fear or rejection, yet sometimes they just make you crazy and losing it is beyond your control. You're committed to being patient, available [...]

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Healing separation anxiety

If you have a child who gets distressed by being away from you, it doesn't have to be that way until they grow out of it. Discover what the underlying cause of these feelings might be and practical ways you can support your child to recover from this fear. Build emotional resilience through connection, listening and [...]

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Everyday Kindfulness for Parents

This practical and interactive workshop touches on all 3 ingredients of Kindfulness and will provide you with an understanding of what Kindfulness is, why it works and how you can apply it in your daily life.  As busy parents, there are daily challenges to test your inner calm and patience. We'll discuss how Kindfulness and [...]

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Dolly Mavies

Dolly Mavies an Alternative Folk Singer Songwriter from Oxford. With Welsh roots and soulful sounds, Dolly mixes soft dulcet tones, haunting vocals and poetic lyrics, alongside acoustic guitar to create poignant, honest, soulful music. www.dollymavies.com

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Young Folkies

Young Folkies is musical entertainment for babies and toddlers. Marisa plays mellow, acoustic nursery rhymes and original new songs. In addition to regular groups, Marisa is available to hire for events such as birthdays and NCT gatherings. We are really please to have Marisa performing at this years Tribal Hearts for all of our [...]

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Sage Rose

Sage Rose is an 18 year old singer songwriter from Buckinghamshire, England. Singing since the age of 6 she has now released her first single Dark Age. https://www.sophierosepage.com/

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Boogie Woogie Friday Fun

Imajica Community Theatre is the Community Outreach arm of Imajica Theatre Company. Our company manifesto is all focused upon taking our shows and workshops directly into the community to widen children's access to the arts. Imajica Theatre Company work with community groups and businesses and create projects to build community connections and develop and nurture [...]

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