Now in it’s fourth year, Tribal Hearts combines many elements of natural living with family life, aiming to support parents in raising a healthy, happy tribe! Like every good festival we have great live music, delicious food, camping and plenty of fun, but with the added benefit of being able to take something away of value to you and your children. With an emphasis on creativity, play and nature children are immersed in opportunities to explore and learn, express themselves and gain confidence whilst supporting all areas of development. Workshops include parenting support to enhance your relationships with your children and create peaceful homes and interactive sessions on healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle choices.


My reasons for Tribal Hearts…

I have always been fascinated by child development and this interest only grew when I had my own daughter 6 years ago. I wanted to understand how her brain worked in order to meet her needs without compromising on my own wellbeing or boundaries, to communicate with her effectively and foster a strong bond that would encourage high self-esteem and a sense of trust in the world. I wanted to parent in a way that worked for us both and didn’t require endless shouting, threats, punishment and stress for me. I also became more conscious in my choices my lifestyle changed too. I changed to organic wholefoods and natural products and began to appreciate nature much more. I realised our huge responsibility as humans for the world we live in, and take so much from, and I wanted to make better choices and encourage my daughter to do the same.

A passion had been ignited; a passion for a world where children are loved unconditionally, listened to and respected and given experiences that make them fall in love with our planet and the people on it.

Our children are tomorrows adults, and that is my motivation for Tribal Hearts. To help parents give children the gift of happiness, self-confidence, independence, emotional well being, compassion, responsibility and curiosity – to name a few. To create a better understanding of the way children’s minds work and the impact our words and actions have on their development. To create waves of change in the parenting community that will give tomorrows adults the ability to change their world for the better.

Vanessa, Festival Organiser