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What happened at Tribal Hearts 2017?

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, Author and Gentle Parenting Expert

Gentle Discipline – How to Raise Co-Operative, Polite and Helpful Children

In this two hour workshop, Sarah Ockwell-Smith – author of ‘ToddlerCalm’, ‘The Gentle Parenting Book’ and the new release ‘The Gentle Discipline Book’, will help parents to understand how to raise happy, confident and ‘well behaved’ children. Parents will learn why common discipline methods are ineffective and potentially damaging, how the brain develops and what behaviour parents should expect at each age and how to apply this scientific understanding to establish respectful and most importantly effective discipline techniques.

The Seven Secrets of Better Baby and Toddler Sleep Without Tears

In this one hour session, Sarah Ockwell-Smith – author of the bestselling ‘The Gentle Sleep Book’, will help parents to understand the seven secrets to better baby and toddler sleep. Some of these secrets are based on popular wisdom and instinct that is lost to modern society, others are based on cutting edge science. These secrets will help parents to work with, not against, their child to help achieve more rest for the whole family.

Hand in hand parenting aim to support parents with the insights, skills and tools

necessary to build the meaningful connections that parents and children need to thrive.

We are thrilled to be offering 4 insightful workshops to help parents work through more

specific parenting struggles with trained hand in hand instructors.

Listening Partnerships for Parents

Parenting is challenging and emotional work and we all deserve good support as parents. The way to make longstanding change in the way we parent is through getting support for ourselves first. We’ll be sharing this life changing tool for managing your emotions and increasing your connection with other adults, so that you can be more available to your kids.

Helping siblings get along

Siblings love each other and want to get along well but sometimes other feelings get in the way of this. Get some strategies to boost connection to prevent squabbling. Find out how to handle sibling fights and what to do about sharing and fairness.

Staying Connected with Older Children

As your children grow it can feel hard to keep the closeness you shared when they were littler and cuddlier. And their behaviour can bring various concerns. But our older kids’ connection with us is just as vital as ever. Learn how to connect in a way that they can be receptive to.

Helping your aggressive child

Aggression is a cry for help, but one that can bring up so many feelings for us. Discover what children are really communicating through aggression and how to prevent them needing to signal through difficult behaviours.

Female Energy Awakening

We all have 4 women within us, that form who we are. These archetypes correlate with the different stages in our cycle, so when women connect to those different energies, they can live a freer, [...]

Holistic Therapies from Little Banyan Yoga

Jo, – Founder of Little Banyan Yoga & Dancing Yoginis, Retreat & Workshop Host, Yoga (Vinyasa, Pregnancy, Postnatal & Hatha) & Meditation Teacher  Reiki Master, Thai Yoga Massage & Chi Nei Tsang Therapist.   I [...]

Sling Swing

Sling Swing is a dance class for parents and carers to dance with their babies and toddlers in soft structured slings and baby carriers or wraps. Musical styles include pop, hip hop, Charleston, Cha [...]

Eat Smile Live

Rochelle is a Nutrition & Lifestyle Health Coach, who is passionate about empowering parents to love and honour their bodies, allowing them to go on to teach their children to do the same. Through [...]

Bedtime Story

Come and enjoy a beautiful bedtime story experience with Bedtime Box. Liz Raba of 'A Thoughtful Place to Be' will be leading this creative story time to help little ones have a peaceful nights sleep at Tribal [...]

Conscious Communication

What are you end goals for your child? What effect does your communication have on the end goals for your child? We will touch on how to communicate with these end goals in mind. Intentional, [...]

All Day Party!

Let the kids unleash their wild side in our all day party tent! Blacked out for an authentic rave-type ambience even in the August afternoon sunshine. Party animals can get into character at the facepainting [...]

Play Dough Palace!

We haven't met a child who doesn't like play dough...or an adult for that matter! So we are bringing back our popular play dough palace, a whole tent dedicated to the super squidgy stuff! There are [...]

Yoga for Everyone

Jane from Happy Little Yogi will be holding Children's classes, and she will also be holding Kundalini yoga each morning for adults. Jane’s yoga classes, designed especially for children of all ages and ability, [...]

Arts and Crafts

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Creativity is something we are passionate about here at Tribal Hearts. The opportunity for children to express [...]

Your Time To Grow

Charlie from 'Your Time To Grow' will be running two workshops to help you gain confidence and balance in your personal and professional life. Time for a top up? Do you feel like you [...]

Birthing Stories

The Birth Stories Circle is for pregnant women/expectant couples and mums and dads. This is a lovely place to share your story, hear other stories, to talk, and also celebrate the amazing ways new [...]

Rhiannon Griffin – Happy On Fruit

Raw foodist and emotional healer, Rhiannon Griffin of Happy on Fruit, will be giving an inspirational talk as to how she got to where she is today. How she overcame her own depression, addictions, [...]

LED Light Show

If you are visiting on Saturday be sure to stay until dark to catch the amazing Juggle Through The Hoop Events with their mesmerising LED light show. They will be performing on the main stage to [...]

Women’s Circle

Chilled Mama Cathy Williams runs relaxation retreats for pregnant women/couples, a postnatal retreat day for mums, and a women's only weekend retreat. The Women's Circle will be based on activities from her Mama Retreat [...]

MYIMA Creative Activities

Making Young Imaginations More Active (MYIMA) We are so looking forward to welcoming MYIMA back again thsi year. An amazing opportunity for creation and socialisation, the drop in sessions with [...]

Family Happiness Workshop

Raw foodist and emotional healer, Rhiannon Griffin of Happy on Fruit, presents a new branch of her healing business, specialising in the holistic emotional healing and reconnecting of families. Her Holistic Parenting Family Reboot [...]

Aware Parenting

Rebecca came across Aware Parenting when her little one was 9 months old. The wonderful philosophy completely challenged many long held beliefs and took her on a very gentle parenting route. [...]

Imajica Theatre

Imajica Theatre Company creates theatre designed for the younger audience filled with drama, dance and songs providing the opportunity to play, laugh, sing and learn together in a relaxed and entertaining environment. Imajica Theatre [...]

doTERRA essential oils

An inspiring workshop hosted by Rochelle from Eat Smile Live, who will introduce you to some of the best essential oils on the market from doTERRA, a company who are always working "...toward achieving its [...]

Relax Kids

Relax Kids helps children and adults to manage emotions and anxieties whilst building self-esteem and confidence. The 7 steps incorporate movement, self-esteem/mindfulness games, stretches, breathing exercises, peer or self-massage, affirmations and a visualisation/relaxation section at [...]

Emotional Intelligence for Children

How can you authentically encourage empathy, sharing, politeness and compromise.  How can Mindfulness support children?  Why should you welcoming positive emotional releases (aka tantrums)? Karen runs a business called Mother Nature, MotherNurture (also aimed at [...]

Creative Storytelling

'A Thoughtful Place to Be' is presented by theatre director, storyteller and creative play specialist Liz Raba. You are warmly invited to visit the storytelling yurt, take a wander through the woodland scene and [...]

Lindsay Dalton

Lindsay of Gentle Mama is a qualified Birth Doula, HypnoBirthing Practitioner & Breastfeeding Counsellor. She is also the mother of 2 daughters that are her greatest teachers! Lindsay currently serves families within [...]